Watching a Harvest

FruitStand works with small farms to promote select harvests and bring them to market.  At FruitStand, we seek out special harvests, so we can introduce you to exceptional produce that you might have a hard time finding at your local grocery store.  

Most importantly, we work with produce that’s ripe and in season, what we refer to as "harvests."  A harvest is the period of time when the farms we work with have fruit that is ripe and ready for picking.  Nothing on FruitStand is frozen. It's always fresh. If it's not in season, we don't feature it.

Though we operate one harvest at a time, we've made it easy for you to follow a harvest you might be interested in receiving later on.  Simply visit the harvest you would like to follow and click on the FOLLOW button. Enter your email and you're done! It helps us choose what we’ll feature next.

If we are able to feature the harvest you choose, once it’s approaching, we will start sending you stories, recipes and information about it.  There might even be a coupon or two hidden in there :)

To check out the harvests we're watching, visit our Harvests We're Watching page now.


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