White Guava


White Guava

White Guava’s fragrance permeates the air before it’s even cut open. Creamy and slightly seedy, the pulp is a pleasant understatement to the sweet and pungent perfume of the fruit. It’s the kind of fruit you can just keep eating because it’s flavor profile is mellow, yet delightful. Fresh White Guava, grown in the United States, is harder to find and a special offering not to be missed.


The Enjoyment

How do you eat White Guava?

Just take a bite and delight!

Make Jam or Agua Fresca!

Freeze into Popsicles!

How to Store

How To Store Your White Guava

White Guava can be enjoyed at many stages of ripeness. On the subjective spectrum of ripeness, some like them firm and with a more sour flavor and sometimes crunchy texture from the seeds. Others enjoy medium softness and a little more sweetness. Allow your White Guavas to ripen to a yellow skin and slight tenderness, for a few days, at room temperature, or put them in a paper bag to speed up the process. Your ripe guavas will store in the refrigerator, in the crisper drawer, for a few days.


Have you ever tried a fresh guava?

Guava is the fruit that nearly everyone has tasted in candy or sugary drink form, yet so few people have actually had a fresh guava. Guava is so versatile and delightful amongst the tropical fruit flavors, which is why we’ve all tried a cocktail or a candy with its flavor notes. But you cannot beat the real deal. Fresh guava is so good just on its own and it’s so healthy for you! Packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants, guavas are great for skin and immunity. We promise you’ll want enough to cook with and eat as a fresh snack.

Meet the Farm

Rick's Produce Market

Rick and Alejandro’s farm is small, but their community is big! Their market supports family-run farms all throughout the Central Valley, and they are committed to supporting their local community with fresh, healthy foods. Dedicated to sustainable farming practices, they operate their own farm in a closed-loop system. Supporting Rick’s farm and market, means supporting the greater small farm community.


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