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Working With FruitStand

The evolution of farmers markets. Making selling to customers simple.


Our goal is to make selling online easy for growers.

FruitStand provides farmers with a low barrier to entry, no cost solution for online, direct to consumer sales. FruitStand was created from the ground-up around the unique needs and challenges faced by small-scale farms, so that farms don’t need to change their entire business and operations model in order to sell online, but can still reap the benefits of an online platform and direct sales.

Farmer-led Pricing

Massive Consumer Reach

Your Product & Brand

We Manage The Store & Customers

Tell us what you want to make

Farmer led pricing

You tell us what you want to make per offering, we take care of selling it for you.

  • You tell us what you want to sell
  • You tell us what you want to be paid.
  • We take care of the rest and send you a check for each sale every two weeks.
  • No subscription fees. No monthly costs. When you have something to sell, list it and we'll sell it.


Making selling online easy for growers

All marketing and advertising for your farm & produce

Packing materials, shipping labels & the cost of shipping

Customer Support
We handle the customers so you can manage your farm.

You Get


Shoppers Each Month

Exposure to over 50,000 interested specialty produce shoppers monthly



In Facebook and Google advertising and promotion

Social Icons

Social Media Promotions

Promotion on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and social media


Turn key fulfillment - we deliver the orders, boxes and labels, you pack and ship


Offer what you want, when you want at whatever quantities you'd like to make available.

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Let's Do Better, Together

How can we work together to build exceptional culinary experiences + help feed the planet + fight food waste? 


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