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Apeel Game Day Guacamole Experience


Firmness is the best indicator of ripeness. With your hand, apply a gentle pressure to the avocado. If it is hard and/or very green in color, it is not ripe. Leave it on your counter at room temperature to ripen. Check avocados daily. Once the avocado yields easily to gentle pressure, it is ripe and ready to eat.

Avocado Ripening Guide


The Apeel Limes will arrive ripe and ready to be enjoyed. You will be able to tell their ripeness by their fragrance and a slightly heavier weight in hand. This means they are getting juicier. You can also give them a slight squeeze and the skin should give ever so softly.

Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit, slice or dice the flesh and scoop it out using a spoon.

Leave unripened avocados on the counter for a couple days then place in the fridge before over-ripening to keep fresh. Limes should be stored in your fridge’s crisper drawer until ready for the party to start.

Remember, your avocados and limes are protected by Apeel to last 2 times longer. Apeel is made of plant-derived materials — lipids and glycerolipids — that exist in the peels, seeds, and pulp of all the fruits and vegetables we already eat. Apeel is not a GMO.

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Apeel Game Day Guacamole Experience
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 These aren’t your average avocados and limes you find at the store...these are protected by Apeel! They will arrive almost ripe, so you won’t need to wait long to dig in! But, if you can’t eat them right away, Apeel produce is protected by a plant-based “peel” that makes them last two times longer than typical avocados and limes. This means you can save them for game day in their perfectly-ripe state. When you’re ready to dig in, don’t forget to add a little artisanal San Juan Island Sea Salt to kick up your game day favorite! Sun-evaporated and smoked over foraged Madrona branches, this salt adds a delightful, smokey, and tangy essence of the Pacific Northwest. Add a little smoke and tanginess to your game day guacamole!

With every purchase, Apeel is donating $1 to The Food Project, a non-profit that supports youth, diversity, and sustainable agriculture.

Frequently Asked Questions

avocados, limes, salt

Apeel Guacamole Experience will be shipped FedEx 2-Day air on the ship date indicated on this page and in your email receipt. There is a flat rate shipping fee of $5.99 will be added to your order at checkout. You will receive an email with your shipment's tracking number when shipped.

Your order is backed by our satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us within seven (7) days of the delivery and we will make it right.

Apeel is working with all different sized players in the food system, big and small.  While these specific avocados are imported by a large packer from Mexico, they are sourced from a grower’s network, which is a network of hundreds of small-scale farms who actually grow the fruit and sell it to the packer. The packer simply makes it possible to get you the fruit as fresh and quickly as possible.

Apeel works with nature to reduce food waste and create abundance for all. Currently, over 40% of all food grown goes to waste. This is because of a number of reasons, with spoilage being one of the largest factors. Apeel’s solution is elegant and simple - they use a plant-derived solution to create an extra “peel” for fruits and vegetables. This layer locks in moisture and keeps out oxygen, the two primary causes of spoilage. As a result, you not only get fresh and nutritious produce, but it lasts twice as long. 

Allergic responses can be triggered when the protein from an allergenic source is present in a food product. Apeel products are not protein-based, but rather lipid-based — and lipids are not a source of regulated allergens. We also conduct testing to confirm the absence of regulated allergens. That said, if you have a known allergy or sensitivity to a fruit or vegetable, you should continue to avoid it whether or not it is an Apeel fruit or vegetable.

Nestled outside of Seattle in the quaint Friday Harbor, San Juan Island Sea Salt solar evaporates each sea harvest to keep their environmental impact low and flavor impact high. They started with just one evaporation house in 2012 to “try it out.” They currently have 7! Well-known in the Pacific Northwest, San Juan Island Sea Salt is making waves across the U.S.

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A future where more people are motivated to discover and enjoy growers and their craft.

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FruitStand is a platform that connects buyers (you) to sellers (farms) to to experience fresh produce as quickly as possible after harvesting regardless of geographic boundaries. We are not a store, do not take position of any produce nor grow anything ourselves. FruitStand is merely a bridge between you and extraordinary growers working with nature.

Our goal is to bring you access to goods grown with uncompromising character.


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