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Organic Dragon Fruit Experience

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Organic Dragon Fruit Experience
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September 15 / September 12 - 14
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September 22 / September 19 - 21
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September 29 / September 26 - 28
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October 6 / October 3 - 5
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About The Harvest

Eating the delicate and hydrating white flesh Dragon Fruit is an almost mythical experience. You’ll be transported to the foothills of Santa Barbara where Good Land Organics sits nestled between the Santa Ynez mountains and the Pacific Coast. 

Slice in half or peel off the soft and spiky magenta rind to reveal the wonder of its mildly sweet, kiwi-meets-pear flesh. Its contents are tender and so refreshing, with tiny edible seeds suspended within. Add to salads or smoothies, but most likely enjoy raw, one spoonful at a time. 

Each box will contain 3-5 Dragon Fruit (about 3-4.5 lbs). This is a LOT! But don't worry—what you can't eat right away, you can easily freeze and enjoy for months!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your dragon fruit will be shipped FedEx 2-Day air directly from California on the ship date indicated on this page and in your email receipt.  There is a flat rate shipping fee of $9 added to your order at checkout.  You will receive an email with your shipment's tracking number when shipped.

Please note, FedEx cannot deliver to PO Boxes.

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Good Land Organics is a family-operated farm located in Goleta, California and nestled between the Santa Ynez mountain chain and the Pacific Coast. Dubbed "The Good Land" for its fertile soil and comfortable Mediterranean climate, they grow rare and exotic, certified organic fruit using regenerative agricultural practices. With a passion for sustainable agriculture, this family intends to preserve the ‘Good Land,’ for generations to come.

You’ll never get Dragon Fruit this fresh so indulge upon arrival! Slice through the leathery rind lengthwise, or peel from the soft spikes to reveal a tender magenta outer flesh. Slice in half or in small cubes to either spoon out your refreshing fruit or add to smoothies, yogurts or salads. Store in the fridge for up to 2 day. As your fruit starts to age the flesh will turn slightly translucent. It’s still good, but the flavor won’t be quite as rich.

Once you’ve laid eyes on this hot pink produce, you’re going to want to know all about dragon fruit. For instance, did you know that dragon fruit is actually considered a berry? Well, slice me up and sprinkle me on granola!

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