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June Plum

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June Plum
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About The Harvest

The June Plum is an uncommon fruit adventure that we're so excited to share, but there's only 30 boxes available—that's only 10 boxes a week for 3 weeks! 

This plum will be unlike any plum you’ve found at a typical fruit stand! It has an aroma that will permeate your home with tropical notes of summer melon making it an experience for all the senses!

But we don’t want ‘plum’ to fool you. The June Plum is oblong, thick-skinned, crunchy and fibrous, and can be eaten at any ripeness! It tastes and crunches somewhat like a semi-acidic apple with a mellow essence of guava and pineapple when green. When ripe/yellow, it is sweet like an unripe mango and has even more hints of pineapple. This lovely fruit has an intriguing balance of savory, sweet and sour in its firm flesh. Great for salads or on its own! See 'How to Eat' to learn more about how to enjoy this uncommon fruit!

Expect 10-15 (3-5 lbs) pieces of fruit so you can try all the different stages of ripeness to decide what you love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your June Plums will be shipped FedEx 2-Day air directly from Florida on the ship date indicated on this page and in your email receipt.  There is a flat rate shipping fee of $9 added to your order at checkout.  You will receive an email with your shipment's tracking number when shipped.

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Serendib Farms is a small, 10-acre farm located in Redlands, Florida run by husband and wife team, Wimal & Elita Suaris. From Sri Lanka and the Philippines, the Suaris' have a passion for tropical living and cultivating the most unique and out-of-this-world produce. They've spent the last 30 years in southern Florida focused on growing the rarest varieties of Avocados, Longan, Passion Fruit and many more crops, embracing their short, limited-run harvest windows. They are committed to sustainable farming practices and serving up healthy and delicious produce to their community.

This sweet, sour and tangy fruit can be tossed on salads, juiced or made into jam, stews, chutney and sauces. It also goes well with meat and seafood or on its own with chili and lime. You can slice it open and eat it raw, making sure to remove the fibers and seed. While the skin is edible, it may add an extra sour/bitter bite! 

We recommend eating your plums when they have a golden yellow hue, though this comes down to personal preference and regional influence. Many enjoy the semi-acidic, green June Plum, but others prefer the softer fibrous flesh after ripening. No matter what, the June Plum is an experience worth trying so you can decide for yourself! 

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