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Empower Farms is a certified-organic, mission-driven farm where staff and volunteers with disabilities can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Organic Banana Blossom

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Banana blossoms (aka banana flower) are the cluster of blossoms that form on the banana tree before becoming the common fruit we are more familiar with. For the aspiring master chef, the banana blossom is a unique delicacy—much rarer than the banana itself.

Tasting Notes

While banana blossoms are tropical and floral scented, the flowers only carry a faint aroma of the banana fruit itself—lighter and less intense than one might expect. Some banana blossoms are sweet and others are astringent. It’s important to understand how to cook with both taste profiles.

About The Harvest

Empower Farms is a certified-organic, community-based farm that employs staff members and volunteers with disabilities to grow high-quality, seasonal roots, fruits and vegetables for CSA boxes. Empower Farms is run by a passionate team committed to their mission-driven approach to farming and the impact they can have on each individual they work with.

The farm is located in the southernmost part of Florida, and the climate there is conducive to cultivating crops like banana trees and supporting thriving fruit-forests like the one at Empower Farms. Before bananas become the common fruit we know, they are a cluster of magenta tree blossoms. Not to be confused with banana leaves, banana blossoms are even more rare. They are delicate and impart a subtly sweet, tropical floral flavor commonly found in Southeast Asian cuisine.

The banana blossoms from the banana tree are an edible delicacy not often found at the local supermarket. Cooking with banana blossoms is a task for the aspiring chef, because there is a bit of nuance to understanding the blossoms’ taste profiles. Sometimes the banana blossom is astringent or bitter and sometimes it is sweet. The level of bitterness will determine the type of dish to cook with your organic banana blossoms. Make sure to taste a small piece of heart or a floret following the cleaning process to understand the taste profile of the blossom.

Much like a zucchini blossom doesn’t taste much like zucchini, banana blossoms are only reminiscent of the flavor of banana. Some liken it to the subtle flavors of artichoke hearts, hearts of palm or bamboo shoots.

All produce is shipped direct from Empower Farms using FedEx two-day shipping to guarantee freshness. Information on how to use, store and recipe ideas can be found by clicking here.

Where Your Food Is Grown

The Banana Flowers are grown and shipped directly from Florida City, Florida

Florida City, FL
Frequently Asked Questions

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Banana blossoms are commonly enjoyed in many tropical dishes, including salads and stir-fries. The dish you choose to make should be based on whether or not your banana blossom is sweet or more astringent. When you are ready to begin preparing the banana blossom for consumption, and not before, strip the hard outside petals away and set aside. Remove the florets from the petals, and remove the hard, inedible pistil and calyx from the florets and discard. The pale pink petals, florets and heart should be soaked (whole or chopped) in lemon juice or vinegar water overnight to keep them from browning and to make them less bitter. 


 Always make sure to taste a small piece of heart or a floret to understand the taste profile of the blossom, as some are sweet and others are bitter. At FruitStand, we celebrate both!  


Sometimes banana blossoms can be highly astringent or bitter. If your banana blossom tastes bitter, we recommend enjoying it battered and fried or in a stir-fry. This will highlight its tender texture without the bitterness. Be sure to soak overnight in acidulated water. 


When banana blossoms taste subtly sweet, they are ideal for salads or fresh preparation.

To learn more about how to clean and prepare your banana blossom, visit our Info Page.

Empower Farms is a certified-organic, mission-driven farm that employs staff members and volunteers with disabilities to grow high-quality, seasonal roots, fruits and vegetables for CSA boxes that support their local community and a growing online community. They are located in the southernmost tip of Florida with the perfect climate to accommodate  their thriving fruit-forest located on the farm property. 

The team at Empower Farms cares about their immediate community and the regional food system alike. Inspired by permaculture principles, Empower Farms is committed to diversity in both plant and animal life. They grow vegetables and fruit, let chickens roam strategically and produce plants in their nursery. In addition, a portion of the farm is set aside for native plant reforestation. Their produce is grown according to certified-organic standards.

They believe in the healing power of being close to nature and that everyone has potential to live a productive and fun life. They provide a safe haven where people can feel connected to and proud of their surroundings, and can see and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Individuals with disabilities take part in their working farm, growing high quality produce, delivered fresh locally and online. 

This item will be shipping FedEx 2-Day air to anywhere in the US directly from Florida on the ship date indicated on this page and in your email receipt. There is a $9.00 flat rate shipping fee per box added to your order at checkout. You will receive an email with your shipment's tracking number when shipped.

Empowering people of all abilities

Empower Farms is a certified organic farm that employs people with disabilities.

The Mission of Empower Farms

Our Vision

A future where more people are motivated to discover and enjoy growers and their craft.

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FruitStand is a platform that connects buyers (you) to sellers (farms) to to experience fresh produce as quickly as possible after harvesting regardless of geographic boundaries. We are not a store, do not take position of any produce nor grow anything ourselves. FruitStand is merely a bridge between you and extraordinary growers working with nature.

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