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Paradise Farms'
Organic, Mixed Tropical Fruit Experience from Florida

30 Boxes Available Shipped Directly From Paradise Farms

Organic, Mixed Tropical Fruit Experience from Florida

Shipping is estimated to occur between Dec 6 and Dec 14. Learn More. Unfortunately Paradise Farms cannot ship these to California or Hawaii due to USDA regulations

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Tropical Sampler Mixed Box
Regular Price: $35.99
Member Price: $30.59
  • 2 Monroe Avocados (3.5-4.5 lbs total)
  • 2 Star Fruit (0.5lb total)
  • 1 Black Sapote (0.75 – 1lb)
14 Boxes remaining

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Meet The Farm

Paradise Farms

Since its establishment in 1999, this abandoned avocado grove has become a flourishing 17-acre certified organic farm dedicated to regenerative farming principles.

The lush landscape of Paradise Farms is the result of rich soil and an ideal subtropical climate for growing heirloom varietals, tropical fruits, vegetables and herbs. Local chefs in the greater Miami area and beyond source specialty produce from Paradise Farms, choosing from a wide variety of edible flowers, medicinal herbs, specialty microgreens, vegetables, mushrooms and tropical fruits.


Organic Mixed Tropical Fruit Experience from Paradise Farms

A rare and tropical organic fruit experience from one of the premier artisan growers in Florida.

Tasting Notes

Star Fruit: Tropical and sweet tasting, Star Fruit can be enjoyed fresh as a snack or sliced into garnishes for a salad.

  • Important Note of Warning: People with kidney issues should NOT consume Star Fruit.*

Black Sapote: Black Sapote has a sweet and nutty, rich custard flavor with a subtle sweetness reminiscent of pumpkin with a hint of chocolate. You can scoop the fruit’s delicious flesh right out of its skin, or use it to add a subtle sweetness to breads, mousse or other treats. Just make sure to remove and discard the seeds prior to enjoying the fruit.

  • Important Note of Warning: Do NOT eat the inedible toxic seeds found in Black Sapote—remove prior to eating as they are a choking hazard.

Monroe Avocados: Monroe Avocados have a delicate and juicy flesh, and are known to be creamy and far juicier to eat than typical Hass Avocados.

  • Important Note of Warning: Remove the hard pit with a spoon or knife and discard.
About The Harvest

This is a rare fruit experience you won’t want to miss! Get a taste of some of the rarest tropical fruits that have been ripening on Paradise Farms’ trees this fall season. The centerpiece of this Mixed Tropical Sampler Box is the Black Sapote, nicknamed “the chocolate pudding fruit” and famed for its dark brown custard filling. In addition to the Black Sapote, you’ll find Star Fruits and Monroe Avocados in this harvest offer box—both of which are perfect for snacking, or garnishing your salads.

All produce is shipped direct from Paradise Farms using FedEx two-day shipping to guarantee freshness.

Homestead, Florida

These three produce varieties—Black Sapote, Star Fruit and Monroe Avocados—are grown and shipped directly from Paradise Farms in Homestead, Florida.

Homestead, Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

These items will be shipping FedEx 2-Day air directly from Florida on the ship date indicated on this page and in your email receipt. There is a $9.00 flat rate shipping fee per box added to your order at checkout. You will receive an email with your shipment's tracking number when shipped.

Your fruit may arrive ripe and ready to eat. See below for some helpful information regarding ripening.

Black Sapote: Black Sapote is ready to eat when the flesh of the fruit starts to turn brown and the fruit softens.

Star Fruit: Star Fruit is ready to eat when the fruit is completely yellow and starts to turn orange in color. 

Monroe Avocados: Monroe Avocados are ready to eat if they give slightly when you apply gentle pressure. Important Note: These avocados can take up to 10 days to ripen. 

Your fruit may arrive ripe and ready to eat. You can store all three fruit varieties on the counter to allow them to ripen fully, ideally out of direct sunlight.

Star Fruit: Star Fruits can be eaten whole, skin and seeds included. Use a sharp paring knife to slice the fruit into ¼ inch slices and enjoy! Because Star Fruits are fully edible when raw, they’re easy additions to all kinds of snacks, salads and smoothies.

Black Sapote: Once the fruit is soft and slightly wrinkly, maybe even looking a little overripe, that’s when you want to dig in! Cut it in half, all the way around, likely hitting a few seeds nestled on the inside. WARNING: Do NOT eat the inedible, toxic seeds found in Black Sapote—remove prior to eating as they are a choking hazard. Pull your halves apart and the large seeds will remain embedded in one half. You can scoop the fruit’s delicious flesh right out of its skin to enjoy its pudding-like custard. Enjoy as is or bake into breads, mousse or any other treat calling for subtle sweetness. 

Monroe Avocado: Slice the entire circumference of the avocado lengthwise. Apply gentle pressure as you twist each side apart in opposite directions. Remove the hard pit with a spoon or knife and discard. Either scoop the flesh out of the avocado or peel the dark skin off and enjoy!

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