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Organic Young Green Coconut

50 Boxes Available Shipped Directly From Empower Farms

Meet The Farm

At Empower Farms individuals with disabilities are able to see, enjoy and share the fruits of their labor.

Organic Young Green Coconut

Ships direct from Empower Farms during the harvest. Next shipment scheduled for the week of Mar 8, 2021.

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Green Coconuts are the same variety as brown, but are much younger and filled with refreshing, sweet water.

About The Harvest

Empower Farms cares for the environment like they care for their community. They grow high quality produce with employees of all abilities, and host field trip programs for people with disabilities. The food they grow goes in CSA boxes that support their South Florida community.

Now Empower Farms is sharing their harvest of Organic Young Green Coconuts with the FruitStand community. Coconuts take 12 months to fully mature and ripen. These are being harvested between 6-10 months which means they have a high water content. Each experience will include two freshly-picked, organic coconuts that are still developing, so they contain a mildly sweet, refreshing juice. Once you find your way in, pop in a straw or pour out the milky water and hydrate. Slice in half with a cleaver or very sharp knife to see how much meat is in your coconut. Just scrape the sides and consume by the spoonful. It may be soft and jelly-like or a harder, thinner flesh.

Coconuts thrive in sub-tropical South Florida and they are an important part of the diverse fruit forest at Empower Farms. As a certified-organic farm, they grow all their produce without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and with the practices of Permaculture in mind, paying close attention to plant diversity and reforestation. Their chickens also roam free to help compost the soil, and goats help keep the weeds down.

This experience will be shipped directly from Empower Farms using FedEx two-day shipping to guarantee freshness. Information on how to use, store and recipe ideas can be found by clicking here.

Where Your Food Is Grown

The Organic Young Green Coconuts are grown and shipped directly from Florida City, Florida

Florida City, FL
Frequently Asked Questions

Your order is backed by our satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us within seven (7) days of the delivery and we will make it right.

Green Coconuts are perfect for drinking. They will arrive ready to eat and should be consumed within 2 days as they could start to ferment. For the freshest experience, store in the fridge upon arrival and consume flesh and water in one sitting. There are many different ways to open and eat your coconuts. You can use a pointed coconut opener, or cleaver, or very sharp knife (please be careful of fingers!). We recommend you watch a number of videos to help you decide what the easiest and SAFEST mode will be for you. 

Once you reach the inside, pour the coconut water out or drink with a straw. When empty, spoon out the white flesh (if any). You may also cut or break it in half to reach the flesh as needed. Note, that your Green Coconuts will contain varying amounts of flesh and some will have only a very thin layer. Uneaten coconut meat will store in the refrigerator for up to 1-2 days only. 

Working with sharp objects is dangerous. When cutting the coconut, please exercise extreme caution. 

This item will be shipping FedEx 2-Day air to anywhere in the US directly from California on the ship date indicated on this page and in your email receipt. There is a $9.00 flat rate shipping fee per box added to your order at checkout. You will receive an email with your shipment's tracking number when shipped.

Empower Farms is a certified organic and eco-friendly farm for people of all abilities. Empower cares about their community and that includes the environment. Their produce is grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. They practice farming where the chickens are free range to help compost the soil, and the goats help keep the weeds down. 

They believe in the healing power of being close to nature and that everyone has potential to live a productive and fun life. They provide a safe haven where people can feel connected to and proud of their surroundings, and can see and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Individuals with disabilities take part in their working farm, growing high quality produce, delivered fresh locally...and now direct to customers online.

Empowering people of all abilities

Empower Farms is a certified organic farm that employs people with disabilities.

The Mission of Empower Farms

Our Vision

A future where more people are motivated to discover and enjoy growers and their craft.

About FruitStand

FruitStand is a platform that connects buyers (you) to sellers (farms) to to experience fresh produce as quickly as possible after harvesting regardless of geographic boundaries. We are not a store, do not take position of any produce nor grow anything ourselves. FruitStand is merely a bridge between you and extraordinary growers working with nature.

Our goal is to bring you access to goods grown with uncompromising character.


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