Scoville Spectrum: The Chef’s Pepper Box

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Scoville Spectrum: The Chef’s Pepper Box

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Pepper Box
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TWELVE (12) total peppers, consisting of THREE (3) randomly select varieties of fresh peppers and ONE (1) randomly selected powdered pepper, each of varying Scoville Heat Units.

Fresh Peppers:

  • Aji Dulce (0 - 500 SHUs)
  • Corbachi (1,000 SHUs)
  • Hungarian Black Peppers (2,500 SHUs)
  • Hatch (5,000 SHUs)
  • Calabrian (25,000 to 40,000 SHUs)
  • Fish (30,000 SHUs)
  • Prik lueng (50,000 – 100,000 SHUs)

Powdered Dried Peppers:

  • Vezena piperka (1,200-5,000 SHUs)
  • Gochugaru (4,000 – 8,000 SHUs)
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Some of the peppers in this offer are HOT! When cooking with them, take care not to touch your eyes before you wash your hands! We recommend wearing gloves while handling spicy peppers.

Meet The Farm


Eufloria is an emerging farm run by chef-turned-farmer Addy Shreffler in Beverly, MA, that grows over 40 varieties of peppers originating from Macedonia to the Caribbean.

Founding farmer Adelynn "Addy" Shreffler moved to New England after four years of living in Southern California. She started Eufloria by tearing up the grass in her own yard to grow a permaculture dreamscape of flowers in all shapes and sizes. Now in her second year, Addy specializes in growing cut flowers, culinary herbs, and over 40 varieties of peppers on less than an acre of land. As a chef-turned-farmer, Addy is fascinated by the intersection of farm and kitchen, seeds and recipes. With seeds shared by friends, Addy grows the missing ingredients rarely found in grocery stores so that her friends and community can cook their favorite family recipes.


Peppers with stories as rich as their flavors.

Tasting Notes

Fresh Pepper Varieties: (3 varieties/ box)

Hungarian Black Peppers: Dark purple pepper used fresh or dried as paprika.

Corbachi: Long, curvy, twisted Turkish heirloom pepper (almost a foot long and shaped like a Turkish sabre) used for pickling and frying.

Hatch: Green Mexican pepper with a distinctive smoky, sweet flavor. Always roasted (not eaten raw) to caramelize the natural sugars, and often used in chili verde.

Calabrian (hot): Hot red pepper from Calabria, Italy. Often stuffed with tuna, pickled, or dried for pasta.

Fish: Originating in the Caribbean, this pepper was brought north by black communities as an integral part of Black Creole food culture, often used to season fish either dried or fresh.

Ají Dulce: A staple of Puerto Rican cuisine as it is the crucial ingredient in sofrito, a cooking base that gives Puerto Rican cuisine its distinctive, savory flavor. Used red or green, it’s always sweet and flavorful.

Prik lueng (hot): Versatile but hard-to-find orange Thai pepper variety rarely sold in the United states, but perfect for making a Thai sauce, stir fry, marinade, or salad.

Powdered Dried Peppers:

Vezena piperka (medium to hot): Heirloom Macedonian red dry pepper sometimes called an “embroidery pepper” from the thin veining all over the fruit.

Gochugaru (medium): Korean red drying pepper similar to cayenne (but not as hot), quintessential for making chili flakes & kimchi.

About The Harvest

There are few crops that are as significant and widely distributed around the globe as peppers. The unique stories of each variety, as well as the seeds gifted from friends and neighbors, have inspired Addy to continue expanding her pepper offerings each year and saving seeds to share with her community.

Whether you are bringing these peppers into your kitchen to cook a favorite family dish, recreate the best meal you ate on your travels abroad, or experiment with an entirely new flavor profile, you can do it all with this array of peppers.. When you’re done, take a page out of Addy’s book and save the seeds of your favorite peppers to grow your own!

Where It Is Grown

Beverly Farms, MA


Frequently Asked Questions

Fresh peppers will arrive ripe and ready to eat or cook with. Check out our (and Addy’s) favorite recipes for each pepper on

Store peppers on the counter in a cool spot out of direct sunlight. If you live in a warm place, store them in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. If you’d like (and you haven’t eaten them all yet), dry the Calabrian, Fish, and Hatch peppers by hanging them with twine in a dry place for several weeks and grinding them yourself with a mortar and pestle. Use them in salsa (Hatch), fish seasoning (Fish) or sauce (Calabrian).

To save your seeds, cut around the stem and twist out the core. Use your knife to scrape the seeds off of the core. Rinse them gently to remove any leftover pepper then lay them on newspaper or paper towel in a warm and dry location out of direct sunlight. Once they are fully dried, put them in a clean jar or packet and store in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to plant! 

This item will be shipping FedEx 2-Day air directly from Massachusetts on the ship date indicated on this page and in your email receipt. There is a $9.00 flat rate shipping fee per box added to your order at checkout. You will receive an email with your shipment's tracking number when shipped.

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Emilie C.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Chef's Box Review

We wished there had been chef suggested uses/recipes. Instead, we're just about to get to start using them after taking time to research. Being able to enjoy quickly and then research for more would have enabled us to use fresher peppers.

Marilyn K.
United States United States
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Pepper box ️️️

Good, but not enough for the price Scoville Spectrum: The Chef’s Pepper Box Review
Monica R.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Sad, sad, sad

I was disappointed when I opened the box and had to search for 12 little chili peppers. I thought for $40 I’d be getting 12 different bunches of chilies and I was looking forward to making chili sauce. You can imagine how sad I was to receive this box of brown grass !

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