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Star Fruit

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Meet The Farm

Paradise Farms

Since its establishment in 1999, this abandoned avocado grove has become a flourishing 17-acre, certified organic farm, dedicated to regenerative farming principles.

Its lush edible landscape is the result of rich soil and an ideal tropical climate for growing heirloom varietals, locally cultivated tropical varietals and herbs. Local chefs in the Greater Miami area and beyond source their specialty produce from Paradise, choosing from a variety of edible flowers (67!), medicinal herbs, specialty microgreens, mushrooms and tropical fruits.

Star Fruit

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Star Fruit
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  • 10 pieces of Star Fruit (About 2 - 2½ lbs)
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Star Fruit

In the shape of a five-point star, this tropical fruit, also known as carambola, is grown amidst a mixed orchard of avocados, bananas, guava and allspice trees.

About The Harvest

Paradise Farms has long provided specialty produce to chefs in the Greater Miami area. Now the farm’s seasonal produce box is available to members of the community. The farm is also excited to offer their Star Fruit to the FruitStand community.

Star Fruit is a new addition to the farm and is currently in transition to be certified organic by 2021. Paradise Farms’ Star Fruit is grown amidst a mixed orchard of avocados, bananas, guava and allspice trees. It is a mildly sweet, refreshing and juicy fruit that has a low glycemic index and is easy on digestion. A little browning on the edges just means it is sweet and ready to eat!

All produce is shipped direct from Paradise Farms using FedEx two-day shipping to guarantee freshness.

Where It Is Grown

Star Fruit is grown and shipped directly from Paradise Farms in Homestead, Florida.

Homestead, Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

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Your Star Fruit will arrive close to or at peak ripeness. Star Fruit is enjoyable to eat when it is mostly yellow, up until it has some browning on the edges—the browning just means it’s getting sweeter (like a banana) and juicier. If any of your Star Fruit are slightly green, allow to ripen as needed. In addition to the color, you can tell Star Fruit is ripe when it gives a little as you apply gentle pressure with your thumb. It is still delicious when slightly under-ripe (yellow-green), however its flavor will be more citrusy, and its texture more crunchy. We recommend you enjoy your Star Fruit in any stage of ripeness. 

WARNING: People with kidney issues should NOT consume Star Fruit.

Star Fruit can be enjoyed fresh out of hand as a snack or sliced into garnishes for a salad. They make delicious juice and refreshing popsicles. They are also a great dehydrated fruit snack. 

Treat this Star Fruit like a ripe tomato. We recommend not refrigerating your Star Fruit unless you cannot consume it within 5 days. Star Fruit can sit at room temperature on the countertop for 1-5 days . Turn the Star Fruit often as the fine edges can be fragile. Store until they are yellow in color and the edges are slightly brown. However, ripe Star Fruit is highly perishable and will only store in the fridge for 1-2 days after ripening. 

This item will be shipping FedEx 2-Day air directly from Florida on the ship date indicated on this page and in your email receipt. There is a $9.00 flat rate shipping fee per box added to your order at checkout. You will receive an email with your shipment's tracking number when shipped.

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