We're not your typical fruit stand.

Discover something new and exotic picked fresh from small farms and delivered right to your table. Light up your taste buds with unique flavors from our latest harvest.

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We offer the extraordinary
one fruit at a time.

At FruitStand, you won't find apples or strawberries or grapes. You won't find your typical cucumbers, tomatoes or peppers either. What you will find is an experience designed around a single exotic fruit grown by small farms, offered only when ripe and in limited quantity. Each harvest is uniquely crafted to help you discover exceptional, new fruits that let you create experiences and recipes to remember.

Current Harvests

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Caviar (Finger) Limes

These tiny, little and yes, weird-looking, limes come to life when you cut them open. Get ready for a gourmet citrus pop like you’ve never experienced.

Future Harvests We're Watching

We don’t always know what Mother Nature will deliver, but we’re closely watching future harvests in the hopes of bringing them to you soon.

Direct from the farm to you

Nature is our guide

At FruitStand, we connect you directly to small farms that grow food seasonally, when nature allows. That lets us ensure each harvest is ripe, fresh and incredible, while our partnership with Apeel helps us ensure freshness with its plant-derived solution for longer shelf life.

Limited time supply of fruit

We showcase fruit for a limited time when the harvest is ready.

Today's Harvest

Every harvest is guaranteed to be fresh.

Empty box of fruit

Once a harvest is gone, it’s gone. We only sell at the peak.